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We are making an exciting transition with our facial product bottles.

The facial moisture lotion and facial cleansing was upgraded to new high quality airless containers. These new, high tech, high performance, airless bottles reduce exposure to oxygen thereby maintaining the integrity of the ingredients for longer as well as hygiene and freshness. They improve the output efficiency considerably, evacuating nearly 100% of the product with use.

Skincare Suisse

Over the last year we have been asked a few times if we have travel bottles. We believe we have a fairly simple solution....and it has been in your hands all along.  Hold on to those old Facial Moisture Lotion bottles after you have finished using the product because they make great travel bottles.
Since they are 50ml, they fulfill the airline security allowance for carry-on baggage. Yes, they are glass and a bit heavier but they are perfect size and have an excellent pump which will last for quite some time.

Skincare Suisse