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"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself; art cannot become manifest; strength cannot fight; wealth becomes useless; and intelligence cannot be applied"


A simple, daily skincare plan for a lifetime of good-looking skin.  Quite often we assume that skin deterioration is inevitable.  But it need not be!  How fast our skin ages depends less on our chronological age than on how we care for our skin.

The key to attaining healthy, youthful skin is not to disturb it more than is necessary. The skin is an amazing organ that requires the opportunity to function naturally.
Although the skin has a very complex structure, if you understand its needs and use properly formulated products, it eagerly responds to simple, diligent care.
Skin care products must augment the body's natural processes, working with the skin to enhance it naturally, yet without interfering with its proper function. They must be properly formulated free of occlusive oils so they will not clog the pores thus wastes can be eliminated and oxygen received, without added fragrance.

The skin requires only two steps using product formulations for all skin types.
Firstly cleanse with a light, water-soluble cleansing lotion that will not strip away all natural oils. This solubility eliminates the need for astringents which are drying. It should properly cleanse and stimulate the skin's natural ability to retain moisture with the help of a moisture-retention lotion.
Secondly, apply a light moisture lotion that nourishes the skin and helps retain the skin's precious moisture. It is unnecessary to use a myriad of different creams, lotions, astringents and toners in caring for your skin.

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