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The skin receives most of its nourishment from within. Proper nutrition through a balanced, wholesome diet is essential to provide the energy that fuels the constant renewal of cells, giving shape and resiliency to your skin. Skin nutrition consists of eating foods rich in "anti-oxidants". Proper nutrition also helps maintain the body's internal purification process.
Follow a diet with a variety of foods emphasizing:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains
  • a reduced intake of animal proteins and fats
  • avoid processed and "junk foods"
  • a reduced intake of salt and sugar
  • a limited consumption of coffee, alcohol and tobacco
  • adequate consumption of water (8-10 glasses daily)

You need generous amounts of quality water each day to provide moisture to the skin from within for this is the only place from which it truly comes. Water is also essential to support the body's natural purification and elimination systems. Depending on your environment, drink 8-10 glasses of purified, spring water a day avoiding mineral waters high in sodium.

Exercise provides increased blood circulation that carries oxygen and nutrients to the outer skin tissue. This stimulates collagen production which strengthens the support structure of the skin, improving elasticity. Skin with good circulation has more color and looks healthier.

The sun protection factor (SPF) indicates how many times longer the skin can be exposed to the sun before beginning to burn. As an example, using a product with SPF 6 allows you to stay in the sun 6 times longer than you normally could before burning.
It is important to note that a high SPF such as 15 to 30 does not protect any better but merely for a longer period of time. To attain the higher SPFs' more additives, which are potentially irritating to the skin, must be added. A better option is to limit sun exposure year-round, and when exposed use a product with a lower SPF and reapply every two hours.

There is a tendency among many to think only of facial skincare rather than the total body skin.  They will take great care in the choice of products for their facial regimen and then use any high alkaline soap for the body and no moisture-retention product after bathing or showering. The result is body skin that ages prematurely and is unattractive. The better choice is just as simple. Proper and diligent care of the body skin is just as important as facial care.
Granted, the body skin is normally not as exposed to the elements as the facial skin. Nevertheless, to keep the body skin attractive and youthful choose a simple regimen (as with facial care) with a mild light cleansing product that does not excessively strip away the natural oils. This is to be followed by applying a light moisture-retention lotion.

There are no governing standards that define what is meant by "natural skincare products," and no guidelines as to what can and cannot be used in these so called natural products. The advertising of products as natural is a marketing tactic and misleads the consumer. Also, the skin can be just as allergic to natural substances resulting in irritation from so called ingredients found in "natural" products.

It is most important that the consumer realizes that the skin cannot be nourished by an externally applied product. Your skin is better off if you follow a proper diet as we have outlined rather than putting it on your face. Food provides the nourishment, which is absorbed by the blood and carried to the skin cells.

Skin requirements vary according to seasons. In Winter, the skin may be exposed to cold temperatures outside and dry, heated indoor temperatures. Therefore, the skin requires very diligent care with a quality cleansing lotion followed by a moisture-retention lotion or creme. If exposed to low humidity and/or sun, use a moisture-retention creme with sun protection while maintaining adequate water consumption. We perspire more in summer, therefore the skin requires diligent cleansing as well as a lighter protective emulsion instead of cream. The emulsion must also provide sun protection.

Travel from one type of climate to another has a negative effect on the skin, which is magnified when the change is rapid as with air travel and can be dehydrating. For this reason apply a moisture-rentention product generously on your face and body before your flight. As an added benefit shower rather than bathe before your flight.
During long flights, cleanse every four hours with a quality, fragrance-free facial cleansing lotion that is water soluble and apply a moisture-retention creme generously.
Don't forget to drink a lot of water, one full glass every hour and avoid caffeinated beverages.

In areas of low humidity and sun, such as Palm Springs, California in the United States and Zermatt in Switzerland, proper care means cleansing morning and evening with a quality product that maintains a correct low alkaline balance unlike soaps and strong cleansers which accelerate drying. It should be non-occlusive (no clogging of pores) and water soluble, eliminating need for toners and astringents, with no perfumes, added fragrance, or coloring, to minimize potential for allergic reactions.
Use a moisture-retention product (preferably a creme) morning and evening that is non-occlusive so skin can continue to receive oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide waste. If this process is blocked, toxic irritants accumulate within the skin's surface resulting in a dull, lifeless complexion. Again no fragrances, no coloring- and drink 10 glasses of water daily.

Follow the same diligent procedure as above, except before retiring use NO moisture-retention lotion, unless your room is air-conditioned. Just cleanse. If climate is very humid, cleanse in mid-day also and apply a small amount of Facial Moisture Lotion (or our anti-aging Crème Hydratante) for protection from the sun.....and you should maximize water consumption...water, water, everywhere, and the more the better...work at getting those ten glasses each day.

  • Sleep is a most valuable beauty product. During sleep, the cells of the skin (and other organs) are renewed
  • Our bodies need a certain amount of light and sun rays for general health. Unfortunately, direct and long prolonged exposure to the sun's rays causes aging and can result in skin cancer. Sun bathing must be limited depending upon your skin type and should always include a quality sunscreen product which should never include "PABA" as it can produce an undesirable skin response
  • Stress is also harmful to your skin. It can cause acne, uneven coloring or blotchiness. Relaxation is the best medicine for stressed skin
  • Coloring agents, fragrances and preservatives used in many skincare and cosmetic products can cause allergic reactions

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